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02:44:16 PM Jun 18th 2013
Not too sure the Biblical examples are all too comical. "Tragically Missing the Point" might be more accurate here.
11:40:47 AM Jul 23rd 2013
Agreed and removed:
    Religion and Mythology 
  • Older Than Feudalism, from The Bible:
    Micah 6:7-8: Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, [or] with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn [for] my transgression, the fruit of my body [for] the sin of my soul? He hath shewed thee, O man, what [is] good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?
    • Samuel does this in a big way when Saul spares some of the Amalekites and their livestock (which God had previously ordered completely destroyed for their crimes against the Hebrews during the Exodus). Saul says, more or less "I offered the usual sacrifices," and then Samuel more or less flies at him:
      1 Samuel 15:22-Hath the LORD as great delight in burnt-offerings and sacrifices, as in hearkening to the voice of the LORD? Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice!
    Samuel then went to the Amalekite king Agag and "hewed him in pieces," saying (implicitly), "this is the point, you idiot! Just why did I ever make you king?"
    • Jesus said it very well when speaking of the Pharisees who forgot the meaning of the law was to show mercy and faith in Matthew 23:24 'Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.'
12:29:18 PM Oct 4th 2013
Saved me a job then. It might have made sense when the trope was still "Completely Missing the Point" but not since the name change.
11:54:57 AM Jul 12th 2012
edited by Stoogebie
I have this dialogue from a work I'm doing:
Al: Make any new friends last year?
Ben: ...
Al: You're kidding, right?
Ben: Hey shut up! I did make a couple of buds, it's just...well, one moved away, one broke it off with me, and one of them died in a fire
Al: *stares at Ben in disbelief*
Ben: No, broke it off wasn't it. Uh, they're not friends with me anymore.
Al: What about the one who di-
Ben: It was a completely platonic relationship! No, we hate each other. So it's hatonic! A hatonic relationship!
Al: That's...not what...ugh, forget it.
Is there another trope I'm missing here? Besides the potlinked ones, that is? I'm at least pretty sure it counts as this trope...
03:32:14 PM Feb 11th 2012
An X Just X and Weblinks Are Not Examples line cut pending expansion. Also removed a massive chunk of Complaining about the fanbase not agreeing with the troper.
  • Misfile
    • An in-universe example of this trope can be found in this strip.
05:20:42 AM Nov 17th 2011
I'll change "Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers films misses the point when Frau tries telling him that she's pregnant." in Film Examples to "Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers films misses the point when Frau Farbissina tries telling him that she's pregnant." because "Frau" is not her first name, it is the german word for Mrs.
05:26:09 PM Sep 30th 2011
Is there some kind of rule that new names have to be terrible?
05:47:47 PM Oct 12th 2011
Agreed. These recent renames are just...pointless. The original name got the point across, this is just...good God, awful!
05:53:00 PM Oct 12th 2011
People kept thinking the trope applied to any character missing the point, whether or not it's a comical moment, so it was renamed.
04:32:02 PM Oct 13th 2011
Plus, it was complaining fuel.
07:29:22 PM Oct 16th 2011
I know I'm relatively new to the wiki and every edit I make brings me closer to getting kicked off(probably), but this trope has its uses outside of comedy, and the old name fit it better.
09:00:30 PM Oct 16th 2011
The trope's main use outside of comedy seems to be tropers potholing it into inane responses to previous edits.
11:31:38 PM Oct 16th 2011
^^ If you read the trope description, you'd know that's not true.
07:59:02 PM Oct 27th 2011
People were using it to mean writers or creators missing the point as well. The rename wasn't pointless, and although it doesn't sound as good at least it's being used as a trope.
02:34:02 PM Nov 30th 2011
If the rename doesn't manage to keep people from misusing the trope can we possibly change the name back?
08:30:22 PM Jul 19th 2011
Someone added a real life example even though this is an in-universe comedy trope. The very reason this trope was renamed is because people kept adding real life examples as a way to complain about things. I'm going to add a No Real Life Examples, Please! note to the main text.
06:51:46 PM Sep 17th 2011
Moved the former page image to Image Wiki, as it was a Real Life Examples. The only works-based example in the image page can work, if it didn't need all 4 panels.
02:18:25 AM Jul 12th 2012
edited by algebra17
I only have one Real Life Example on me, but I'm wondering why they're forbidden for this trope — it's a relatively common device people use in bantering back and forth.

I mean, think about the conversation between one of Leonidas' general and a messenger for the Persians at Thermopylae:

Messenger: Our arrows shall block out the sun! General: Then we shall have our battle in the shade.

In this case, you could argue that the General is missing the point that this great number of arrows would be really deadly [i]for intended comic effect on his part[/i]. I mean, it also might qualify as finding the silver lining, but you get what I mean?

I have another example of a possible usage in conversation, just to show that it's applicable to real life. Consider a refutation of a "yo momma" joke:

A: What's the difference between yo momma and your washing machine? B: I don't know. A: When I drop a load in your washing machine, it doesn't follow me around for a week! B: My washing machine opens in the front.

So, couldn't this trope have examples in real life? [I thought I'd bring this to the discussion first, since I'm not sure about it, and the page said no. That, and I'm new at this.]
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