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08:39:39 AM Sep 28th 2013
My $0.02 on Real Life usage: While the media (and the Law) have an obligation to "get it right", the general public has no such obligation. When either the names are too common, too close, or too rare, we (as public) need to give them other names either to distinguish them or just to give them a name. This will probably prove more true in the age of Twitter and Facebook.
11:46:00 PM May 16th 2013
"Oddly enough, in the comics, Ra's al Ghul is essentially the character's real name (it's complicated) but in the movie his real name is Henri Ducard. "= This is just plain wrong, Ducard is the alias not Ra's.
11:53:04 PM Apr 16th 2013
From the brand new Trailer it looks like we can already confirm Man of Steel playing with this.
10:41:22 AM Nov 24th 2012
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Is it allright to add Fan Works examples? I love how The Joker Blogs plays with this Trope.
11:36:29 AM Nov 24th 2012
06:35:37 AM Nov 1st 2011
I'm not sure that the main reason these names don't show up in these movies is that the names sound silly. I would say it's more that it seems silly for someone to take on an appellation personally unless they want to have a public image, which a lot of villains (who are in it for personal gain) do not want.
06:19:13 PM Nov 2nd 2011
I'm sorry. You lost me. What's the objection again?
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