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04:00:31 PM Dec 2nd 2010
I don't see a clear difference between this and Sociopathic Soldier.

BTW, does this trope apply to any Blood Knight or Ax-Crazy character who happens to be in the military?
04:49:26 PM Aug 3rd 2011
Not to mention some overlap with Drill Sergeant Nasty, judging from some examples.

And I thought that character-named tropes weren't cool on this site.
01:26:00 PM Dec 19th 2012
The page says, Sociopathic Soldier is "the GRUNT version". Colonel Kilgore is officer version, and General Ripper is commanding variant. Drill Sergeant nasty is different, as he is DRILL sergeant - he is not in combat but in the training facilities far from the battlefield.

The name can also be understood as a pun, so it does not contradict the rules.
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