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09:36:51 PM Sep 25th 2013
Seeing as how Purpleeyeswtf has done videos involving several different animes, often crossing over with each other, we may want to consider start a Creator page for him to cover his works outside of Code MENT and None Piece.
12:26:59 PM Apr 11th 2014
on that note, where should the Soul Eater one-shot go, here or None Piece? Death the kid has been in both, and if you pay attention and listen to the phone call Death gets in the egyptian ruins, it's the one Lelouch sent him for the party in None Piece "5"/Code Ment 14.5
03:47:47 PM May 7th 2014
Well if he doesn't make any more, we can probably put it on his Creator page once it gets created. If he makes more, we can probably consider it a series. Maybe. I don't know.