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07:15:56 AM Oct 4th 2015
I think this example needs to be rewritten some, as in its pared-down version it's a little dry, and I think it's missing some pertinent info.

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. Shinji Ikari. Asuka, Rei, Kaworu, possibly Misato... and he is completely oblivious to it, and thinks nobody loves him and everybody hates him. Kaworu at least managed making his feelings known by being direct, blunt and straight-forward, but Asuka threw hints at him constantly and he never noticed at all that she liked him back.

Here's my take:

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion. Yet another deconstruction. Shinji Ikari's psychological issues and lack of self-esteem largely keep him from noticing Asuka's hints and cause him to react badly to the ones he does catch, which feeds into Asuka's own self-esteem issues and hurts her. Rei grows to have feelings for Shinji, but doesn't really realize it until just before she dies. Kaworu's true feelings for Shinji are ambiguous but the most straightforwardly expressed, and Shinji responds the most openly to him only to have to kill him when Kaworu reveals himself to be the final Angel. Even Misato possibly has interest in Shinji, but their age gap and her being Shinji and Asuka's guardian would make it highly inappropriate, and her attempts are clumsy and badly received.
03:46:05 PM Oct 4th 2015
Can it be ".... issues and lack of self-esteem keep him from responding to Asuka's hints"? That is fact: we can't ascertain that he doesn't know she's flirting, but we can conclude that his actions diffuse the intended relationship for which Asuka is gunning.

"Kaworu's true feelings for Shinji are ambiguous but the most straightforwardly expressed, and Shinji responds the most openly to him." This is not an example of cluelessness - simply shyness, right?

"Misato's . . . attempts are clumsy and badly received." What do you mean by badly received? If he's receiving them by refusing them, he must know what she's trying to get. How is that cluelessness?

I propose that Shinji is clueless only to Rei, and that the example be written in that light. May I write one and show you? Without swelling, natter, or word cruft.

Nothing in your example is incorrect, Willbyr, but the only thing in there evidencing Shinji's obliviousness is his relationship with Rei.
06:16:30 PM Oct 4th 2015
edited by Willbyr
What I mean by "received badly" with Misato is his generally not handling her flirtatiousness well (along the same lines as Asuka), and especially when he pulls away from her when she tries to "comfort" him after Rei dies.

Now that I think about it, I think you're right about Kaworu, which would exclude him from consideration.

I labeled this as a deconstruction because Shinji's apparent cluelessness is based in his personal issues rather than true obliviousness.

Go ahead with your writeup; we can try to hash something out.
07:00:11 PM Oct 4th 2015
edited by Az_Tech341
On it right now. Thank you for the opportunity.

Edit: I've kept Kaworu's entry, as I understand the Trope is about Shinji, and so Kaworu's affections would either reinforce it or disembowel it. Here's my take:

06:06:02 AM Oct 13th 2015
That's good enough to put back on the page; I'll make some small edits.
12:42:39 PM Aug 8th 2011
This page was discussed in TRS very recently and it doesn't look like there's any suggestion that it needs cutting. I don't think this should be cut until we've established whether or not it really is a distinct trope.
07:32:45 AM Dec 29th 2011
I just stumbled across this page, and how is it distinct from Oblivious to Love?
03:50:38 PM Oct 4th 2015
Oblivious to Love seems to correlate with a one-on-one relationship The Protagonist has with one other character. Clueless Chick Magnet, I think, involves several people being interested in The Protagonist with him being still unaware.
09:35:06 PM Mar 10th 2010
Some suggested a better name but no one could think any. If any wishes to propose a rename they are welcome.
04:08:09 AM May 2nd 2011
edited by MarqFJA
Suggesting Celibate Chick Magnet, as Celibate Hero actually does understand the concept of romance and sex while having reasons to shun them, and the trope appears to be "Celibate Hero + Chick Magnet".
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