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11:16:03 AM Apr 30th 2012
In last episode of Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic Sat AM) after Robotnick is defeated and the Doomsday destroyed the freedom fighters celebrate their victory. But... Snively pops out from the hideout were he has saved himself, ready to be new master mind, followed by his new ally, of who we see just a pair of red eyes and a Darth Vader like breath. That was meant to be cliffhanger for the next season... Which was cancelled to make place... FOR POWER RANGERS!! Well, they at least made a comic of what said season was meant to be.

06:26:43 PM Nov 21st 2011
Unresolved Cliffhanger: Sci-fi NBC Show, The Event. Eternally. The entire planet is teleported to Earth, season ends. Season cancelled, therefore, Unresolved, never will be resolved.
03:00:34 AM Aug 28th 2010
I deleted "the Empire getting back the Death Star plans at the end of 'The Empire Strikes Back'" because that never happened in the movie.
06:25:59 PM Nov 21st 2011
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