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11:11:13 PM Oct 24th 2013
We should include interactive fiction, as most modern text adventures have their own response to the classic XYZZY.
11:25:05 AM Nov 14th 2010
  • And while it doesn't really count as a cheat code, the password "NNNNNNNN" in Ecco the Dolphin will bring you straight to Welcome to the Machine, the game's next-to-last level - one that would probably qualify as the Scrappy Level to end all Scrappy Levels. It's not a cheat, it's a one-way ticket to videogame hell: it's probably the sound you'll be making before too long.
Hence, it's not an example. (It's a normal password for one of the levels.)
02:39:20 AM Nov 14th 2010
Another version of the konami code that might be added: In Red Faction II for the Xbox, There's a cheat code- up up down down left right left right entered on the ABXY buttons.
07:52:42 PM Sep 23rd 2010
I moved this material off the page: it's interesting, but seems off-topic to me.

  • An interesting aside to this, the BAND Smashing Pumpkins, in their album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, supposedly use a sound clip sampled from Doom, if the credits are to be believed.
    • Disc 2, track 1: Where Boys Fear To Tread. The sound of an exploding barrel can be heard just before the lyrics begin.
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