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10:26:44 AM Oct 8th 2012
in the Warcraft III part, it's not only that you fight enemies of the same faction as you, but Undead players ( or anyone with a Scepter of mastery) can take control of enemy units, ( via Undead Banshees or said item, the Scepter of Mastery) , including workers, which allows you to build a town of your own with the units of the enemy . This does not increase your food limit, though. It can be done in multiplayer, and even in campaign. Examples from campaign: In Warcraft 3 : Reign of Chaos, in the Undead mission where you attack the elven capital of Silvermoon while also annihilating Sylvanas' forces, you can control elven workers and build elven building, create elven ( human) units and even create Archmage heroes . You can train an unlimited number of Archmage heroes, as opposed to usual games where you can train only one of each hero type. In The Frozen Throne expansion, Sylvanas' campaign in Lordaeron also applies. At one time, you're supposed to destroy the sleeping bases of Dreadlord Detheroc and his puppet human Grand Marshall Garithos. Taking control of Garithos' workers with banshees or Sylvanas' ultimate ability lets you build human building and just play as a human from that moment on, if you like ( even if it's uneffective), except you can't create new heroes.

Also, in Frozen Throne, the battles between Illidan Stormrage and Warden Maiev Shadowsong also count. Illidan is still a night elf ( even if partially a demon and he controls a massive army of former night-elves.)

Not to mention the reason of Illidan's actions and Arthas' race to Northrend: The Lich King's creator, Kil'Jaeden, wants him dead.

Again, in Reign of Chaos, the Prophet, medivh, tells his tale: he has been murdered by his own people! ( exact quote: " Years ago, I brought the orcs into the world. For my sins, I was murdered by those who I cared for most..." , at which point a scene appears in which a human Commander and several footmen rush to kill Medivh) I can provide tons of examp-les from Warcraft 3.
04:24:04 PM Sep 29th 2010
People, sorry for being anal about it, but it's Moctezuma, not Montezuma, please, Headscratchers :P
10:29:44 AM Oct 8th 2012
Dude, the campaign sais clearly " Montezuma's campaign" . Strange , though, you don't play from Montezuma's point of view. You take the role of Cuahtemoc, Eagle Warrior/ Jaguar Warrior/ prisoner/ Emperor of Tenochtitlan.