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10:51:47 PM Jun 28th 2017
How is there no Bioshock? The first two games had the underwater city of Rapture, and Bioshock Infinite had the flying city of Columbia. Both totally isolated from all society. Bioshock not being included in this is like buying a car*

  • engine not included.
10:56:01 AM Dec 12th 2013
Should Claymore be considered a [[City in a Bottle]] also? It fits the description:

"a community has been raised for generations inside of a bubble because of an Ancient Conspiracy and begins to think there is no outside world, that The City or The Village is the only remaining bastion of civilization"

Everyone in the world of Claymore believes there is "nothing outside" or that they are "the only humans" until they found out they are not.

In a similar setting, Shingeki no Kyojin, seems to be moving forward this trope.
12:48:38 PM Apr 8th 2011
edited by megarockman
Question - In the Ruby-Spears Mega Man cartoon, there was one episode where Dr. Wily shrunk entire cities (New York, Washington, and Chicago, to be precise; Guts Man also mentioned that Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Los Angeles were targeted as well) small enough to fit inside (large) bottles before selling them to the highest bidder. I came to this trope thinking this might be what that was about, but it isn't, so where does this kind of thing go?
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