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07:00:28 AM Apr 18th 2017
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is this cross-referenced to [Literature Kipps] or [Theatre Half a Sixpence] re Arthur Kipps and Ann Pornick?

12:59:37 PM Apr 10th 2013
When you look this up, a picture appears next to the name, but no such picture appears on the page. This picture. Why is that?
07:30:08 AM Sep 27th 2012
This needs to be sorted out here before it's restored tot he main page, if it ever is. Bullet points to four-deep arguing about whether it counts or not is a sign that it needs attention.

  • In Majora's Mask, Kafei and Anju had one of these, promising each other to exchange wedding masks on the day of the Carnival of Time which according to Termina tradition was the best day for couples to be married.
    • Slightly disturbing in that, prior to the start of the game, the main villain turns Kafei into a child. They might or might not get married anyway (not because Kafei has a child's body, but because his mask was stolen!), uncertain due to the "Groundhog Day" Loop structure of the game. Reuniting them is the goal of the game's most involved quest, but normally you don't have everything necessary to finish the game on that iteration.
    • If you go into the details of the game though, (and who wouldn't) you find out that there was a Love Triangle between Anju, Kafei, Cremia. Evidently First Girl Wins. Also it's somewhat implied that the curse was lifted at the end of the game, meaning a normal marriage.
    • Wrong on the love triangle part. It was assumed that Kafei was running away with Cremia, which adds another layer of bittersweet if time is reset.
      • Cremia is an unrequited third. Romani states that her sister is in love with someone getting married on the day of the carnival. It's assumed to be Kafei by most; it could just as easily be Anju.
11:59:28 PM Jan 28th 2014
Wow, that natter is really random and nonsensical (so much that it fully deviates into a discussion of Love Triangle, which even ends up with a completely wrong conclusion). I've re-added the example and expanded it to focus purely on the role of the article's trope.
02:54:38 AM Mar 30th 2011
It's Takashi and Rei of H Sot D that had the childhood promise...which Rei goes and breaks by dating Takashi's friend Hisashi because Takashi was too busy for her and she felt neglected.
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