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09:24:27 AM Apr 11th 2015
Ideas for Sub-tropes

Checkhov's Taboo if a taboo is mentioned that must never EVER be broken, someone will break it (FMA's Human Transmutation, Harry Potter's Forbidden Forest and 3rd Floor Corridor)

Checkhov's Festival that festival/event someone mentioned in passing near the start of the film? It's going to be important later (for example Monster's University has the Scare Games)

Checkhov's Condition a condition is made, possibly in passing, in a contract by the contract-maker. If it is mentioned out loud, it is going to be important (this one and the first one could be called Checkhov's rule, but that might sound too general)

Checkhov's Country a country is mentioned in a fictional world, seemingly in passing, but then later becomes pivotal to the plot (e.g. all of the countries in FMA:B that become important are first mentioned a few episodes beforehand)

Checkhov's Side-effect a side effect of an established power/ability/medicine is mentioned in passing, but then later evolves to become pivotal to the plot (for example, in Code Geass, Mao's inability to control his power is shown to be unusual, but mostly ignored, but later becomes very important as Lelouch loses control also)
01:34:49 PM Apr 11th 2015
With the exception of the first, all of these look like The Same, but More Specific to me.
12:44:20 AM Apr 12th 2015
edited by 11twiggins
In that case, which of the variations would each of these fall under? It's made clear that Gun is for objects (not places, rules or people), Gunman is for people, Classroom is for knowledge of a skill, Hobby is for knowledge of a craft, etc. so which of them would all of these fall under?

I get that each of these would have few examples, but they are all each quite distinct and easy to identify in comparison to eachother. Seeing as its such a commonly used narrative device, surely this trope can afford the luxury of having 20 subtropes? For example, the Side-effect one is a useful story-telling device that I will look out for from now on, but as of right now there would be no place on this website to write about an example of it. I understand that these are all rare, but they definitely aren't Too Rare to Trope
02:51:47 AM Apr 12th 2015
They all fall under Chekhov's Gun. The fact that they aren't a "gun" but some other kind of object does not justify a separate trope. The Taboo thing may be an exception, since it's about the taboo being broken, not just merely being important.
05:00:40 AM Apr 12th 2015
Wait, so, to clarify, if a character at the start of a film/book/tv show mentions a festival that is coming up, and it later becomes the crux of the climax of the story, is that Checkhov's Gun? Because an event is not an object. Does Checkhov's Gun cover metaphysical concepts as well? If that is the case, then why have Checkhov's Classroom, Checkhov's Hobby, The Legend of Checkhov etc? If skills and stories get special consideration as tropes, why not events, nations, symptoms etc?
05:07:36 AM Apr 12th 2015
Object can cover a lot of stuff. It's a bit a case-by-case thing about whether something is a subtrope or a The Same But More Specific.
11:29:06 AM Sep 23rd 2013
The trope is wrong. Chekhov's Gun is about not putting anything that's irrelevant into the story. It is NOT about putting a minor detail that later turns out to be important.
11:48:09 AM Jan 15th 2014
The intro text discusses this misunderstanding. Though isn't the word "sadly" a bit loaded? Yes, it's a misunderstanding. But it's given us a useful phrase, allowing us to talk about a concept that previously didn't have a name.
12:45:15 AM Jan 16th 2014
I've always heard "Chekhov's Gun" refer to "putting a minor detail that later turns out to be important. ". The other thing is what The Law of Conservation of Detail is about.
12:13:40 PM Dec 3rd 2012
An article said that Vladimir Putin quoted 'a famous Russian playwright who said "if a gun is hanging on the wall in the beginning of the show, closer to the end it will surely fire".' Might have Beam Me Up, Scotty!.
05:57:22 AM Jan 31st 2012
edited by Madcapunlimited
never mind...
08:44:40 AM Mar 19th 2012
chekhov's guns v foreshadowing: in Lonesome Dove, Woodrow Call comments in the first episode that he likes to kick a pig once in awhile and he takes his two pigs with him on the drive to Montana. Of course, in the penultimate episode, Woodrow loses his ability to kick a pig (spoiler) and dies. Would this be called a chekhov's gun?

Regarding foreshadowing, in a later episode, Woodrow decides to get his spit read by the Mexican cook to see if he'll marry again. He spits in the wagon, the Mexican looks at it, and wipes it away, declines to read it, will only say that there are more wives for Woodrow. For a moment, Woodrow looks perplexed and the jovialty has suddenly evaporated from the occasion. Foreshadowing. Right?
10:00:01 PM Apr 1st 2012
edited by Riana
I have a suggestion for a new Chekhov trope. Chekhov's pregnancy. It's basically when a character mentions at some point that they had sex ends up pregnant.
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