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02:15:23 AM Jul 3rd 2017
So does it have to be a Milkman to qualify for this trope? Because I grew up on the song "The Iceman," with lyrics that seem to hit at this general trope (these are from memory, and I probably got parts wrong):

"Any ice today, lady? It's nice today, lady. How about a little piece today?" "There's a woman down the street, I think her name is Brown; I give her ice three times a day; got the biggest box in town!" "There's a woman on the other block, I think her name is Green; I don't give her no ice at all 'cuz her dang old box ain't clean!" something something "Hurry up and put it in, it's... drippin' on my knees!"
05:44:22 AM Jul 3rd 2017
If you read the page, whether or not it applies would be self-evident.
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