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06:12:00 PM Nov 26th 2016
Clipped the Hank Hill entry. It's clear Hank knows about sex and sexuality. He just has a conservative WASP mindset and comically overreacts to sexuality.
04:55:01 PM Feb 5th 2013
edited by maxwellsilver
Should the XXXenophile example be included? It's literally porn, which is banned on this site.
10:15:00 PM Feb 5th 2013
edited by Thecommander236
I have no clue. My feeling is that since some artists (pro artists) make porn to show it can be something other than, well, the obvious. I'm not sure if that matters here or not... What with the little kids checking out the site and no parental filter...
12:40:19 AM Feb 6th 2013
Examples from cut works are allowed to stay provided they don't pertain to the sex in the work. This one, though, does so I'm pulling it here (in case someone future decides it can be restored). Thanks for catching it.

  • Subverted in XXXenophile Vol. 2 by Phil Foglio. A vibrator repairman visits the homes of horny women who show him vibrators only a little off and start throwing themselves at him. He repairs the hell out of their vibrators and leaves, oblivious to the fact that they're all over him. Then he visits the home of a man who's worn out his vibrator...
11:26:34 PM Dec 10th 2010
Is it just me, or is this trope title a misnomer? My understanding of "chaste" as opposed to "celibate" was that celibacy was refraining from all sexual activity, whereas chastity was refraining from sexual activity not proper to your situation. E.g., a married man can be a chaste hero if he is not cheating on his wife. E.g. Ed Elric is a chaste hero because he does not have sex with Winry before they get married, but he is not oblivious to romance.
06:43:02 PM Sep 17th 2011
Chastity means "monogamy" not celibacy. The way I see it, a chaste hero would be the guy who can't be distracted by "pleasures of the flesh". He's still interested in romance, but is REALLY good at blocking those urges when it interferes with the mission. This trope needs some serious repairs.
07:06:50 AM Mar 11th 2012
edited by TJohnson
the only thing I disagree with is the monogamy thing. Monogamy and chastity doesn't go completely hand in hand. However, truly practicing Monogamy does make it easier to live the law of chastity. looking through the examples really hurt the eyes. It's pretty clear that whoever wrote Schlock Mercenary (and the ones who wrote the description for this page) doesn't understand what it means to be Chaste
07:35:27 AM Sep 24th 2013
I agree. Besides, why is it that so many people confuse chastity with celebacy? They're obviously not the same.
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