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04:54:41 AM Jun 6th 2015
edited by TrollBrutal
Renly: Not everyone can be such a gifted swordsman.
Ser Loras: It's not a gift. No one gave it to me. I'm good because I worked at it. Every day of my life since I could hold a stick.

This quote is not really illustrative of the trope, Loras is skillfull because he trains, but this gets him nowhere close to the (near) superhuman strenght or abilities covered by the trope, and the dialogue reflects that, as it doesn't convey the notion of impossible feats and such.

01:54:35 PM Sep 24th 2014
Does anyone else find the tone of the intro to be a little too derisive?
08:51:09 PM Jul 11th 2013
It's my understanding that this trope is supposed to refer to a person training their body (or mind) enough to be counted as superhuman, but there seems to be rampant linking to this trope when "regular" super strength is present in a work, from what I've seen.

Something might need to be done, is what I'm saying. Maybe a header on this page clarifying what it means, or something like that.
01:38:37 PM Apr 11th 2011
In the Mandarin header, it is claimed that Iron Man used his own rings against him in a 2008 fight. This is not true (I went back to the issue and checked) and should not even be possible anyway; nobody except Mandy himself (Okay, and his son) is supposed to be able to use the rings.
05:07:26 PM Mar 28th 2010
The example given in the introduction that humans can't harness chi as well of Goku because of training is.. well.. not true. Goku's a Saiyan. Given the same amount of training to a human, you end up with.. Krillin. Obviously.
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