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11:26:38 PM Mar 1st 2013
Daniel "Kareshi" Brown, a well-known speedrunner, has invented his own challenge for the original Legend of Zelda, which he calls the Extreme Challenge. The rules of the extreme challenge:

1. No sword, shield, boomerang, ring, potion, heart container, red candle, magic key, or book of magic

2. Must collect arrow, bow, bombs, both bomb upgrades, recorder, ladder, raft, meat, wand, power bracelet, blue candle, and silver arrows.

3. Can't kill any overworld enemies.

4. Must visit every room of every dungeon, collect every map and compass, and kill all bosses in each dungeon (even ones that aren't the dungeon's main boss.)

5. The challenge ends in Ganon's room since you cannot defeat him with no sword.

Extreme, indeed.
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