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02:34:50 AM Jun 11th 2011
Okay, this X Just X example just makes me give a Flat "What." for how Dada it seems out of context:

06:18:02 AM Aug 1st 2010
OK, I'm not sure about that, so I thought I'd rather ask than delete the example. I think that the Bloody Baron doesn't quite fit this trope - he was never funny or wacky to begin with. Also, with the Harry Potter fandom being so curious about every small detail, Bloody Baron was a subject of quite a few debates and many people believed that his history was going to be told and that it won't be funny.

Also, the way the example was written is a bit disturbing. So, the guy is a Woobie, because he killed a girl who didn't want him? Even if she was "arrogant" that still sounds... not quite right, to put it mildly. We have a trope for that kind of behaviour, and it's called Yandere.
02:50:46 PM Jun 8th 2010
edited by LionessKate
I think the Red vs Blue example is much better than the actual trope namer. Maybe the actual Cerebus Retcon needs more info? because right now it pales in comparison to Rv B Reconstruction's plot twist.
11:14:00 AM Mar 6th 2010
Daibhid C:
  • In the author's final book, Mostly Harmless, we discover that the time-travelling, parallel-universe-hopping Guide Mark II has been manipulating events since the series beginning so that Earth can be destroyed once and for all by the Vogons. Guiding this tortured soul into Arthur Dent's path, and then screwing up his final revenge using a time paradox, is the Guide Mark II's method of ensuring Arthur and all the wayward humans are on the planet when it is destroyed in all dimensions simultaneously. And then it killed the author for good measure.
...That's not how I remember it. The Guide Mk II is manipulating the events of Mostly Harmless, but there's no indication it was involved in events prior to its activation (in which case surely the more efficent thing to do would be stop Arthur leaving Earth in the first place), or had any connection to Agrajag.
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