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02:54:45 PM Apr 14th 2013
You know what is the big problem here? Pretty much all on this page concerns the British Isles. I'd wager there's at least some material from the mainland Europe. Can't anyone knowledgeable write a bit on it?
05:30:34 PM Aug 28th 2012
Should this page be moved the the Useful Notes namespace?
08:18:38 AM Aug 29th 2012
06:12:46 AM Apr 4th 2012
Example needs context:

Best Her to Bed Her (previously The Red Sonja): Aoife.
12:18:55 PM Apr 8th 2010
edited by Prime32
Why is Cú Chullain referred to as "Cèulainn" on this page? I'm not an expert on Celtic mythology, but growing up in Ireland I've never heard the name before. Do a Google search for "Cèulainn" and see how many results you get (5 including this page, two of which are in Spanish). Heck, "è" isn't even a valid Irish letter, that would be "é" (with that corrected, "Céulainn" gets no results).

I'm changing all instances of "Cèulainn" unless someone can show me a place where that name is used.

As a side note, C.C. from Code Geass is claimed to be a reference to Cú Chullain. Um.... what?
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