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11:26:45 PM Dec 9th 2014
The Web Original page says 'We could fill an entire page on the catchphrases of various Lets Players'. Why don't we do just that and create Catch Phrase/Lets Play?
12:14:24 AM Dec 10th 2014
That entry was hyperbole, I suspect.
09:50:18 AM Nov 13th 2010
This might've gotten lost, because it's right at the bottom of the archived discussion, but I'm seconding Floating Root Beer's suggestion that this be broken up into sub-pages.
10:28:03 AM Sep 8th 2010
I don't think things like "Baka" which are plain old insults count as a catchphrase unless used at a unique time or in a unique way, which should be explained in the entry. I also don't think yelling someone's name a lot of the time counts either, such as in the example of Orihime from Bleach yelling "Kurosaki-kun".
01:53:57 AM May 10th 2010
I think "Ara ara" girls deserve their own space. There's a lot of anime characters with that as their catchphrase. Could I start that page?
10:22:58 AM Sep 8th 2010
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Oops, meant to add new.
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