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02:49:24 AM Sep 4th 2016
edited by ragingr2
Mark of the Vampire (Tod Browning, 1935)

There is a cat scare in Mark of the Vampire (1935) where two characters are startled by a medieval armor where the helmet starts moving. Just when they become so scared as to hug each other tightly, a cat climbs out of the helmet. IMDb reports that this is "one of the first known examples of the cat scare".

I just made my account on this website. It's not like a Wiki is it; where you can just add information? So I am adding it here, maybe it can be added to the list of examples. Greetings, Raging R 2
03:46:21 AM Sep 4th 2016
edited by jormis29
TVTropes is a wiki and you are welcome to add your example to the page - if your have any trouble with the format of the site you might want to look at the Text Formatting Rules page or ask for helip in Ask The Tropers
04:07:43 PM Aug 8th 2012
i have known this trope for quite a while under the name "double red herring". why naming it "cat scare" if the cat is only one possible example of it and doesn't necessarily refer to an actual cat? also it leads to confusion with the "that poor cat" trope.
09:20:29 AM Jul 19th 2010
So, is there an entry for the way that everytime there's a crash sound effect, it's accompanied by a cat scream? You know, *CRASH* "Reeeooowwr!*
11:23:31 AM Jul 19th 2010
That's another trope entirely, That Poor Cat.
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