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09:57:01 PM Sep 11th 2011
edited by ayellowbirds
Condorito & 'Mazing Man removal:

Condorito doesn't fit simply because he doesn't match the trope as described. A quick glance at the comic shows that, although the main character is a Funny Animal in a world of humans, his species is recognized as distinct by others, and his proportions are not portrayed as different from ordinary humans, at an average 3-4 heads tall.

'Mazing Man was removed after a glance at Don Markstein's Toonopedia[1] determined that the character in question— Denton Fixx —was explicitly recognized as unusual by other characters, being refused entrance to a humans-only establishment on the basis of his appearance. However, a look at scans suggest that Maze himself might qualify, if many others in the cast are drawn with more normal proportions.
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