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07:54:14 AM Oct 10th 2010
Would this be the place to add the Star Trek card game even though thats been discontinued or the new Back to the Future card game?
08:54:09 PM Jul 1st 2010
Removed the following:

The tarot deck, by the way, was originally a storytelling deck, with caricatures of the royals of the day, used by traveling bards and such to amuse the commoners with random tales. Along with other such decks, the tarot can still be used as a focus for creative energy in storytelling. Kinda like tropes, really. When you're stuck for inspiration and you deal a few random cards that tell you that The Prisoner encounters The Caregiver, or The Roach is causing problems for The Diva, or The Noble finds himself stuck in The Tempest with The Sycophant Reversed (an unexpected ally), your mind is going to find some way to weave the indications into your plot, because that's just the way our minds work. (And if you can't find a storytelling deck that suits you, you can get the same effect - perhaps even a better effect - from crafting your own, using the available decks as inspiration for that.)

It didn't have anything to do with card games, and not to mention that it is just a long, rambling advertisement for that card deck in question.