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04:55:56 PM Sep 2nd 2012
edited by StFan
For those interested, I've done a big clean-up of the main article, adding plenty of new videos and checking every link. (You wouldn't believe how long it took me...) Several of them were linking to videos that were removed from YouTube for various reasons. Every time it was the case, I tried to provide a replacement video. A suitable replacement was found most of the time, but for a few it wasn't doable. Here's the list of works that ended up losing their place in the list following this clean-up:

If you happen to find a new Caramelldansen Vid for one those, feel free to put it back on the page.
06:37:44 PM Oct 23rd 2011
Is it just me or shouldn't there really be a Trope-tan version?
04:49:04 PM Sep 2nd 2012
Technically, there is one within The Way of the Metagamer.
07:49:12 AM Jul 4th 2010
What no Elfen Lied yet?
04:49:18 PM Sep 2nd 2012
Now corrected.