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11:36:35 AM Jun 16th 2017
Does the Hobbit example count? It's effectively a prequel; the fact that a villainous character is revealed to be the famous villain from a chronologically later story is obviously going to be more of a surprise for the characters than for the audience.
09:26:06 PM Mar 15th 2017
I feel like so many of these entries on so-called twists... don't actually seem to know what a twist is and just assume that any kind of reveal is part of some mystery.

Like the Bane/Smith entry because it happens to have Neo finding out something and that the real development for the scene was to show that Neo's powers were growing even further. Or, from a video game example, Barret musing for five seconds that Sephiroth might be a good guy because he happened to kill people Barret despises. Even though Cloud makes it clear that Sephiroth isn't a good guy. The only basis to have this is because Barret just happened to suggest that he's a good guy.

Palpatine and Count Dooku are also good examples of when it is this trope and is. As I mentioned, the film is not about revealing who Darth Sidious is, because we know who he is. The films have not been shy about making it clear that Sidious and Palpatine are one and the same. The so called "reveal" is not dramatic because we're finding out that Palpatine is Sidious but because Palpatine has revealed that he knows about Anakin and Padme's marriage. The only reason it could be considered a reveal is because Anakin is finding out, but even then it wouldn't be this trope because it's not a twist for people to figure out coming in. On the opposite end, Dooku is a great example of this being the case, seeing as he was written to be a twist but since a good portion of his scenes were cut from the film, the ambiguity of him being a bad guy was diminished.

Either way, I feel like a good amount of this tropes entries just don't fit with the established parameters of the trope
12:37:10 PM Jun 24th 2016
Should obvious spoilers still be covered up like any other spoiler when discussing them on the work's page?
11:48:01 AM Jan 13th 2014
This is currently being voted in the crowner in the 'Pages that need the YMMV banner' thread in Short Time Projects in the forums.
09:24:10 PM May 17th 2013
The Untwist mentions, at the bottom of the page, that examples aren't to be included because a sufficiently paranoid reader can foresee just about anything. I assume a second reason is to prevent people from complaining about shows they don't like. With that in mind, I'm not sure I see the purpose of this trope; it seems to be, "The Untwist, except it happens only because incompetent writing, and isn't occasionally a deliberate choice by a clever writer." Now, it might be that I'm just reading the trope description incorrectly, but at the very least, that should indicate it might need re-writing, right?
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