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12:37:05 PM Jun 19th 2015
edited by DrNoPuma
This was the caption before I edited the page just now: This caption really bothered me because it doesn't really explain the joke, so I changed it to link to Memetic Mutation (because that particular quote is a meme) and added a note to further explain why we're being so snarky about Foxy.
03:12:59 AM Mar 24th 2015
edited by FeverDiscordia
Am I misunderstanding the trope or should literally almost everything from The Simpsons be on the examples list? Slurpies, The Kwik-E-Mart, Buzz Cola, Duff Beer, and even if you don't think that those are direct parodies of Bud, Jolt, etc then off the top of my head, Rainier Wolfcastle is blatantly Arnie Schwarzenegger at the very least! Oh and Laramie Cigarettes are Ersatz Marlboro too...
03:32:31 AM Mar 24th 2015
Products go in Bland-Name Product and Rainier Wolfcastle falls into The Ahnold
01:46:58 AM Apr 1st 2015
Ah OK, cool What about 'The Inspector', the back-up short from the first season of 'The Pink Panther' cartoon who is always just called 'The Inspector' and 'Clouseau' is never mentioned?
01:52:43 AM Apr 1st 2015
Parodies do not go into this trope. They need to be nearly completely identical to the point of copyright violation, so to speak.
12:10:01 PM Nov 21st 2013
We should rename this trope.

12:44:46 PM Nov 21st 2013
If you can provide evidence of misuse or underuse because of the current name, please start a Trope Repair Shop thread about it.
08:06:21 PM Dec 7th 2012
Removed the following from the 'Film' category: "* Brian in The Life of Brian is obvious Messiah Ersatz to Jesus (who himself has a cameo appearance) with other examples being Mandy/Virgin Mary and Judith/Mary Magdalene."

As stated by the Pythons themselves before, at the time of, and after release of the film, Brian is explicitly *not* a stand-in for/ersatz Jesus (nor a "...Messiah Ersatz to Jesus...", whatever that means).
11:45:43 PM Nov 14th 2012
I disagree about the Katsa/ Katniss one, since the books came out within two weeks of each other. Can I remove it? I highly doubt that Katsa was based on Katniss, given that- books are not written and published within two weeks. It seems more like happenstance than anything.
05:00:55 PM Jan 29th 2012
Ok, here at Brazil people use a lot of that. Monica's Gang have a lot of that (specially in their 90's strips and comics) because of Brazilian Law. Like Cebolinha (in English, he's Jimmy Five) in a Horoscope Knights, because at time, Saint Seiya was translated as Zodiac Knights, soooo... There are a lot more, but I just can't recall. It has been a lot of time that I don't read those comics.

Good examples or YMMV?
05:04:02 PM Jun 26th 2011
05:35:33 PM Jan 17th 2011
suedenim, an Expy is a character based on another character who are both created by the same person. The cast of Drawn Together are all (except for Spanky) based on famous cartoon characters, none of whom were created by the guys who made the show. They belong here.
07:39:14 PM Jan 17th 2011
That's not actually the definition of Expy, though. TRS discussion here. Apparently, your definition was used at one time, but it's not the one in the trope description.
09:04:28 PM Jan 17th 2011
edited by EponymousKid
...Wait, what? They changed it just like that? Also, ouch, nuclearneo is mad at this trope. Stealing? Really?

Sorry, I guess. I've got a forum ban so I don't really keep up with TRS, my mistake.
09:09:28 PM Jan 17th 2011
Not sure when the definition might have changed, but the sentence "Often seen in different works by the same writer(s) or production team" has been in there unchanged since Aug. 1, 2010, which is as far back as the page history goes.
08:43:03 AM Jan 18th 2011
Well, like I said, my mistake. Guess I need to pay more attention, is all.
07:16:25 AM Jul 3rd 2010
Could someone take out the AVGN Follow the Leader examples? I don't think Internet personalities are allowed to have Captain Erzatzes, at least not in the way that the trope meant.
10:55:40 PM Jun 11th 2010
Knights of the Dinner Table features a group of friends who play tabletop roleplaying games...not Dungeons & Dragons, of course, because that's trademarked. They play Hack Master! ...So does this count as a Captain Ersatz? I think it does, because Hack Master started out as a sort of affectionate parody of D&D and then evolved its own identity (even getting released as an actual game system). There are even Ersatzes of other TSR games; there's a western-themed one that's a takeoff of Boot Hill. So would it fit in this article?
08:52:40 AM May 8th 2010
I replaced the spider-man image with an image of Foxy from the early days of Warner Bros. As you can see, he's clearly a blatant ripoff of Mickey Mouse. I can't confirm whether they stopped using him out of lack of interest or if Disney asked them to stop. If anybody can elaborate on this, i'll appreciate it.
06:50:43 PM Jun 10th 2010
Gonna have to say, the page image fails. Both Lucky Star and CLANNAD were made within a very short span of each other, meaning that neither one can be copying another.
09:20:09 AM Jun 20th 2010
Can we use a image of World-3 of Deathstroke? and compare to Deadpool?
08:13:14 PM Jul 5th 2010
I've returned the original Foxy image to it's proper place, guys. Hope you're happy.
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