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01:16:52 PM Sep 18th 2016
Pulled these from the Doctor Who entry:

  • Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death, a Doctor Who spoof by Steven Moffat, has a load of silly jokes about an alien race that communicated by carefully controlled breaking of wind. This same race is mentioned later in the actual canon, and they do communicate that way.
  • The concept of the Web of Time, previously only used by Big Finish!Eighth Doctor, shows up on Series 9, after an episode strongly reminiscent of the audio plays' Divergent Arc.

The first one doesn't mention where in canon they appeared; I don't remember it and TARDIS Wiki says "Not a chance." We could be wrong, but it's the sort of claim that really needs an episode title.

The second one, I'm afraid, is just wrong; the Web of Time was referred to by Lytton in "Attack of the Cybermen".
01:30:44 PM Jul 14th 2013
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I'm kind of wondering if this really counts:

Isn't that what shows based on Hasbro toylines (and by extention, comics based on shows based on Hasbro toylines) are for?
01:27:37 PM Jul 14th 2013
Pulled this:

  • Steven Mandragora was created for Justice League Unlimited as a Captain Ersatz for Black Lightning's archenemy, Tobias Whale, and in the DCAU was the murderer of Huntress's parents. Huntress Year One has Helena trace her parents' murder to the Boss of Bosses, Stefano Mandragora.

I'm pretty sure I'm the one who added it, but I've since learnt I was wrong; Stefano Mandragora first appeared in Batman/Huntress Cry for Blood, some five years before "Date Night" aired.
05:14:03 AM Dec 13th 2012
Isn't it possible that Super Sentai eventually having Two Girls to a Team was taken from Power Rangers?
12:03:40 PM Mar 17th 2011
Pulled this bit from the entry on Ms. Lion:
  • (They were looking for the Infinity Gems for Mr. Fantastic, so she got better despite the change.)

Someone seems to have mistaken Dropped a Bridget on Him for Dropped a Bridge on Him. Yes, he died and was revived by the Gems, but that's not the change being referred to...
04:20:31 PM Oct 11th 2010
Why was the picture removed? It wasn't the best, but it was an example. And I, for one, dislike picture-less tropes. Pictures just make it easier, no matter how vague.
04:35:10 PM Oct 11th 2010
It was Just a Face and a Caption. Page images need to illustrate the trope somehow, not just show a character and claim they're an example.
09:45:59 AM May 27th 2011
Understandable, but Harley Quinn is a really, really good example, if not the best. She's a character who felt like she'd existed as long as the Joker had from the second she appeared on TV for the first time.

Maybe a picture of her and the Joker with a caption along the lines of "He's been around 53 years longer than she has... not that you could tell"?
01:33:18 PM Jul 14th 2013
How about a picture of TV Harley and comicbook Harley, with year of first appearance?
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