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06:05:15 PM Aug 29th 2014
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  • The Eldar's arrogance is also rather unjustified, since for all their power they are still a Dying Race in even worse straits than humanity. And for all of humanity's flaws, at least they did not singlehandedly create a new Chaos god with their debauchery (said Chaos god being the primary reason the Eldar are a Dying Race).

Removed this since it's indicated that humans created not one but three of the chaos gods active in our Galaxy (and are probably going to be responsible for a fourth one). They were also created about 30,000 years before the Eldar empire even fell.
12:46:18 AM Aug 30th 2014
Huh? I have never heard that humans created any Chaos Gods. The Eldar's collective decay did create one (Slaanesh) but that's it.
08:50:11 AM Aug 2nd 2014
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Removed this from under World of Warcraft:

  • Some of the Pandaren can come off this way too, particularly Taran Zhu, who dismisses the Alliance/Horde conflict as a petty "race war". Infuriating certain people who may have been fighting their opposing faction for years and then have to listen to a guy with little experience with the outside world and who doesn't know about the actual reasons behind the war lecture them on how wrong it is.

That's basically just saying "I didn't like this thing this one guy said and I would have wanted to argue." There's no "they dismiss your arguments" here; Taran Zhu at that point doesn't dismiss anyone's counterarguments, because there aren't any. I also haven't seen other examples of such an attitude, at least as of yet.

(The above is reason enough to cut the entry. Now let me go onto a tangent: he's also exactly right, even if you could argue it's just a good guess. The Alliance and the Horde are basically defined by what races belong to them, and, for all the backstory's complexity, their animosity is wholly irrational and basically comes down to "We've been fighting those guys (or the ones under the same name) before and now we don't trust them and will rather fight them again than even try to be fair." Do you think it is not typical for a race war to have gone on for a long time and involve people hating the other side?)
06:25:49 AM Oct 5th 2010
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Cut this from the ElfQuest entry:

  • That's a bit of a stretch. True, the first humans we meet are genocidal religious fanatics, but we later learn just how much of that is Bearclaw's own fault - largely because the writers (who are, after all human themselves) were uncomfortable that they'd given this impression. The evil humans (who may be superstitious and ignorant, but not stupid) do have reasons for what they do (usually greed or religious fanaticism), and are at least recognized as being fantastically dangerous by any elves who are familiar with humans. Humans who worship elves have usually been manipulated into doing so by villainous elves (especially Winnowill) or mistaken the elves' very real magical powers for signs of divinity. Given the choice, heroic elves prefer to deal with humans as equals, and any humans that get to know them soon learn how to argue with them. If they tend to win arguments with random humans they encounter throughout the story, it's because the arguments tend to be some variation on "No, I'm actually not a demon."

Just because it's a roundabout way of saying it's a Justified Trope...and also something of a Justifying Edit.
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