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07:46:13 PM Aug 22nd 2013
I'm not sure how useful this is as a Trope. It's very existence seems to imply that there should be conformity between all games, and that any deviation from an assumed common terminology, no matter how justified, is somehow "Silly." Not only that but the opening paragraph seems subtly negative about the whole concept using terms like "silly" or "fluff".

Honestly this really amounts to very little aside from a list of terms that deviate from an assumed common terminology. It's not really a trope, at least not how the article defines it right now it isn't. Is there a way to nominate this for deletion, or at least an extreme overhaul?
07:50:38 PM Feb 26th 2013
I am not sure how strict the definition of this topic is or should be. In my opinion, just calling a hit point "life energy point" is a lesser offender than calling it "world trust" or whatever. But many of the examples are of a kind, where you would know from the name only, that it has the same definition and usage compared to other games ("Money", "Gold", "Dollars"), even if you are not a gamer - I'd think they should be removed, but am not too sure.
05:56:37 PM May 29th 2010
Removed two lines of natter regarding the Fallout series and bottlecapes...
  • Those actualy make sense... Originaly: On bottle cap = one bottle of water -> easy currency. Water merchants needs easy way to make cash -> use existing form.
    • Although in Fallout 2 the currency was changed to dollars. Then inexplicably changed back to bottlecaps in Fallout 3.
There are two more lines back there which could probably be merged into the first Fallout bullet point.
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