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05:26:25 PM Mar 24th 2016
How can a cartoon be "camp" without ALL cartoons being "camp?" Aren't basically all cartoons extreme/exaggerated/etc. in the context of real life/live action?

I mean, what are Looney Tunes if not that? When they animate the characters, designing the key frames is literally referred to as "posing" the characters. Cartoons have historically been about doing funny/goofy/extreme poses and interactions.

You've got Bugs Bunny arguing with and taunting his enemies while getting shot at and literally dodging bullets, Wile E. Coyote getting squashed and blown up into pieces and coming back for more, etc.

Later, the "realistic" cartoons came in, but they're still cartoons and there are still plenty of things "outrageous" in the context of realism in cartoons. The fact that they're cartoons in the first place, meaning they're drawings, could be considered "outrageous" in and of itself. But ultimately, they tend to still have plenty of goofy things in them.

So as far as I can tell, either all cartoons are camp or none of them are. It's all relative, and the most outrageous/absurd stuff in cartoons was done in the early days.
08:22:39 PM May 10th 2013
Which movie in the Disney Animated Canon can be considered the campiest?
04:51:05 AM Mar 13th 2011
The following examples need elaboration:

Anime and Manga


Live-Action TV


  • Most Richard Strauss operas — especially Salome.
  • The musical of Little Women takes the short and melodramatic play that Jo and her sisters stage in the early chapters, and turns it into a musical number spanning the entire cast (all... six of them), stuffed chock-full of wholesome, affectionate camp.
  • The entire output of Gilbert and Sullivan falls into this category, but was probably intentional from square one. Still well-executed, catchy, funny and well worth watching.

Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation
01:50:34 PM Sep 12th 2011
Is it okay if I edit your post to reflect which ones have been fixed?
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