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03:50:18 PM Sep 18th 2015
Shane from the L word is not butch, she was described by the shows creator as being more androgynous
04:17:07 PM Sep 18th 2015
So delete it with an explanation.
12:55:25 PM Feb 13th 2015
edited by yunatwilight
Many, MANY examples here — including non-Japanese examples — are not butch by this trope's definition. Celebrities like Ellen De Generes and Rachel Maddow are listed here but don't fit the description at all. Same with fictional characters; anyone who identifies female but has a masculine presentation is listed even if another trope like Bifauxnen, Tomboy, or The Lad-ette would be more accurate.

Honestly, though, I think it's the trope description that's the problem, not the examples. The 1970s auto mechanic/lumberjack look is certainly one variety of butch (and very prevalent in pinups and erotica), but the term has become much broader since the 1970s. The trope description describes butch as being a single specific look, and it ain't.

Making this serious a change to a trope description is not something I'd do unilaterally. I just wanted to point out the potential problem here; the trope description and the examples don't match. Deciding on a solution is outside my purview.
08:09:34 PM Feb 13th 2015
There is a discussion in the forms where trope description are discussed. I don't think the description is an issue here though. It's the examples that can probably use a big clean up.
08:44:37 AM Oct 5th 2013
Why does Butch Lesbian come up as a Red Link even though it clearly exists?
05:05:20 PM Oct 5th 2013
Misspelled, perhaps?
01:10:17 AM Oct 6th 2013
Headscratchers.Butch Lesbian was cut. Having one page with the same title cut makes the red/bluelink tool think it's all been cut, so Main.Butch Lesbian also showed up red. To fix it, edit this article or any of its subpages. It's fine now.
05:08:16 PM Jul 29th 2011
Um... being an authority on neither lesbian culture nor political correctness, the redirect sounds like a slur. Does anyone know where this comes from, and whether it should be cut?
02:55:48 PM Dec 12th 2010
What does the redirect mean?
12:48:22 PM Feb 13th 2015
As a lesbian, I gotta say I've never heard that phrase in my life.
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