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10:17:58 AM Jun 7th 2017
Should aversions even be allowed here? It skirts dangerously into "our show is better" territory.
07:26:21 AM Nov 11th 2014
What happened to the Western Animation section?
08:24:12 AM Nov 11th 2014
There were never examples of that, apparently.
11:17:21 AM Dec 16th 2011
I cut out the reference to Ellen's on-stage persona being asexual since it was becoming natter bait, and instead rephrased it to be about the content of her stand-up, which doesn't usually talk about sexuality at all.
04:01:54 PM Oct 18th 2011
I don't think True Blood deserves a mention here. Unlike many other shows on this page, the gay characters are every bit as important as the straights and recieve as much attention and see as much action. Also, Lafayette and Jesus do show quite a lot of affection all things considered, as well as any gay interaction in general (such as Eric and Talbot.
04:04:21 PM Oct 18th 2011
Modern Family is also really good about this. I know Cam and Mitchell don't show a lot of physical affection but this show doesn't have much of that to begin with. Also would it be worth mentioning that they seem to have the LEAST amount of trouble raising their child, which is in stark contrast to a lot of people's opinions.
04:47:03 PM Mar 29th 2011
Totally subverted in Torchwood, considering the constant making out of various male characters.
05:03:04 PM Mar 19th 2011
  • A-fucking-VERTED in Glee once Kurt and Blaine kissed. It was not a blink-or-you-miss-it peck, it was not played up to boost ratings (even the actors weren't completely sure until they were given their scripts!), and it came after an extremely touching Love Epiphany that was free of angst, guilt, or impulse. And then after catching their breath, Kurt and Blaine practically attacked each other! Not for nothing is this all over LGBT news, YouTube, and Twitter.
    • To put it another way, Glee - a mainstream comedy on FOX - took this trope, kicked it in the balls, made it their bitch, and then sent it running away with its tail between its legs while squealing like a 60s housewife confronted with a spider. This was a full-on, Hays-Code-breaking makeout session, possibly with tongue. (It looked like it had tongue, anyway.)

The trope referenced here is Have I Mentioned I am Gay?. This trope's purpose is to not that even when gay character are shown in sexual situations on screen there is a difference in quantity over time, and it can't be averted in a single scene unless all of the other couples only have one scene each. Have I Mentioned I am Gay? is the trope for asexual gay characters, and that's the trend that was broken. Please move it there.
06:13:24 PM Mar 19th 2011
No, the purpose of the trope is to note when gay couples' scenes of affection, if you will, are less steamy than their heterosexual counterparts. Kurt and Blaine had not acknowledged a romantic relationship up until this kiss despite four months of intense flirting and eye contact - intense flirting and eye contact that was on a par with couples like Finn and Rachel or Tina and Mike.

From the trope page: "There may be a hug, or meaningful handhold but never a kiss unless it's heavily promoted and advertised. So basically, you can have gay people and gay couples but they can't be shown actually behaving like a couple."

As the Glee kiss was neither heavily promoted and advertised, nor appreciably less intense than any of Glee's heterosexual couples, it qualifies as averting the trope. The trope page says nothing about "quantity over time," it has to do with comparable levels of affection in comparable situations with regards to heterosexual couples vs. homosexual couples. As the level of affection between Kurt and Blaine was comparable with similar situations (i.e. a first kiss), like that of Puck and Lauren or Finn and Rachel, the trope is averted. Please read the trope page next time.
06:21:20 PM Mar 19th 2011
And you don't think it's too early to tell if they've "kicked it in the balls", considering that it was one scene compared to fully fleged sex lives for the other characters and that it was two seasons before it finally happened? And this was just the last episode too - we've no way of telling wether it will be repeated.
06:31:58 PM Mar 19th 2011
edited by AcrossTheStars
No I don't, for the simple reason that even that kiss proudly and defiantly averted the trope, on a family show, on mainstream television, on FOX of all networks. Kurt and Blaine have so far been portrayed as having an equally intense attraction to each other as other, heterosexual couples do. "Teenage Dream", "Baby, It's Cold Outside", "Silly Love Songs", not to mention the constant eye contact, almost as constant flirting, and complete lack of personal space - they all clearly indicate that Glee is making absolutely no effort to hide Kurt and Blaine's burgeoning romance, and haven't been since that slow-motion run down the hallway in "Never Been Kissed", which Kurt's actor Chris Colfer jestingly called, "a little too gay even for me." Finally, it has been confirmed by Ryan Murphy that Kurt and Blaine will be going to prom together towards the end of the season, indicating that the show has no plans to back off. Kurt and Blaine's first kiss was as intense as Mulder and Scully's last - and, I repeat, this is on a family show, on mainstream television, on FOX. Combine that with the absolutely lovestruck expressions on both their faces during "Candles" and the way Kurt flung himself into Blaine's arms at the conclusion of "Raise Your Glass" - a gesture equivalent to, if not more intense than, the gesture Finn and Rachel make to each other at the end of "Loser Like Me," and I think that the Kurt/Blaine kiss was the "kick in the balls" that cemented Glee's aversion of this trope - an aversion that began with, as I said, the slow-motion hallway run ten episodes ago.
01:40:02 AM Dec 28th 2013
Just wanted to say the above is pretty Hilarious in Hindsight considering Glee has come under attack for playing this trope completely straight ever since then (did Kurt and Blaine ever kiss again?)
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