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01:35:37 AM Feb 28th 2016
Does anyone want to add Honest Trailers' XCOM video as an example? Specifically how Jon Bailey compliments the Councilman's voice?
11:49:21 PM Oct 11th 2014
If I understand correctly, when Batman says Bruce Wayne is a real humanitarian, then that's an example of this trope. When Batman says Bruce Wayne is a rich idiot playboy, that's an inversion of this trope. What if Batman just says, "Bruce Wayne? I've never met him face-to-face," is that some other variation on this trope, or just not this trope at all?

Because if it's not this trope at all then there's a couple of examples that (IMO) should probably be removed.
06:14:02 AM Nov 8th 2012
I was wondering if we could rename this page "Stroking your alter ego"
11:14:14 PM Sep 28th 2011
In the Team Fortress example, if the timeline permits this video to antedate the introduction of the Dead Ringer, the trope might really be being played straight. Everybody is focused on the apparent dead body, and nobody is looking in the direction of the Scout. While the Soldier is blustering and making noise, the Spy could kill and impersonate the Scout, as still nobody is looking in that direction to see the Scout's body.
03:45:36 PM Mar 6th 2010
Thanks...ironically enough, I figured that out when I was making the redirects for this page. Sigh. Mah bad.
04:00:08 PM Mar 5th 2010
To ensure a permanent monument to my Epic Fail when I first launched this page, I'm putting this in the discussion. I accidentally launched this page the first time under the incorrect name "He sounds handsome".

Naturally, my first step in trying to rectify this was attempting to rename it. Turns out this is a complex process. So I decided I would need to relaunch it under the correct name and cutlist the old one. Jeezus. Finally, I realized I didn't know how to launch a page without going through ykttw, so I launched a new ykttw temporarily to launch this.

As I said, Epic Fail. Lesson learned, check the name is right when you launch, cause it's gonna be a pain in the ass if it isn't.
05:48:26 AM Mar 6th 2010
Just type a redlink as if the trope were already there, click it, and edit it. Now we have a totally useless 'YKTTW archive' link at the top.

Real one is here.
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