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07:41:50 AM Oct 20th 2015
Another example in "Western Animation" is the cartoon "Rick and Morty" where Jerry Smith, the dad of the family, is portrayed as incompetent, insecure and oblivious to what people think about him. He is regularly belittled and disrespected by his wife.
06:33:36 AM Feb 10th 2013
  • Averted with Hank from King of the Hill. Although he is rather ignorant about cultural fads and the like, this is shown to be a result of his hatred of superficiality. He is respected by all of those who surround him, and is the Only Sane Man in his circle of friends. He is closer to Earth than his wife Peggy who qualifies as a Bumbling Mom at times, and can get anyone out of any jam. It helps that the show is normally shown from his perspective - Hank still has a tendency to find himself in all kinds of trouble because of his lack of cultural savvy and sense of denial. Because of his rather staunch viewpoints, he sometimes becomes a bit too worried that his son is a sissy, and has a very narrow view of how to raise him. Mostly however, Hank has a hard time with showing emotions, though this is mostly because of his father Cotton; this does change, however, especially as Hank realizes how bad a father Cotton has been, and calls him on it.

This aversion is not important to list here. I'm preserving this example because it might fit better on another page such as The Patriarch.
04:57:58 AM Nov 24th 2012
edited by thunderlippps
"The frustrating and stagnant sexual roles enforced by this trope are often pointed to by feminists as a sign of how sexism hurts men as well as women. "

I think "often" is deceiving.

Its very rare that modern feminists will admit to that as long as it serves their purposes. They seem to either consider it fair as some sort of sexual reparations or just not their concern.

There are some less militant factions of feminism who have, but they seem to be discouraged and in minority compared to the modern mainstream neo-feminists, hence my disagreement with using the term "often".

Maybe "sometimes" would be better.
03:47:46 PM Jan 27th 2011
This video highlights a bunch of Bumbling Dad moments in advertising from a couple of years ago.
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