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02:11:15 AM May 27th 2012
"While having a gun shot out of your hand in real life would render it inoperable (both the hand and the gun)"

Mythbusters did a thing on getting the gun shot out of your hand, there is not evidence that the gun would be rendered inoperable by it, or for that matter, if you survived that your hand would be either. In fact you may not even drop the gun.

"in a movie you will be able to pick it back up and keep firing"

You could do this, assuming you survived the shrapnel from the bullet hitting the gun thing.

"There's little chance of the bullet bouncing off the gun and ruining the gunman's day." Okay this part is true, more likely then not (depending on orientation), the bullet will break apart and spin off in all kinds of directions, usually injuring the one who was having the gun shot out of their hand.
02:13:16 AM May 27th 2012
While what is in the article sounds interesting, Bullets Do Not Work That Way. Which makes me think a trooper Did Not Do The Research before writing up that paragraph.
09:19:48 AM Aug 4th 2011
Certainly a wooden table isn't going to stop a bullet, but shouldn't it provide some help in hindering the shooter's ability to target you?

Also what about car doors? Unless police car doors are routinely armored to make them bullet resistant, it doesn't seem like the thin metal of the exterior and the plastic/fabric of the interior would do that much to slow a bullet. Certainly some might hit part of the structure/other more solid objects but there's still plenty of open space inside a typical dooor.
07:36:31 PM Aug 15th 2012
Bullets can penetrate a surprising amount of household objects, particularly rifle bullets. Even a .25 ACP (disparagingly referred to as a "mousegun" by firearms enthusiasts) will reliably penetrate a mattress or couch reliably, I mean "unless it hits a spring or framing member". Most tables, same deal. Unless the furniture is antique solid wood and/or made of metal (unlikely), the bullet is going right through it with enough force to at least wound.

Interior doors cannot be relied upon to stop bullets...most doors (especially in apartment buildings) are "hollow core". They are two 3/16" layers of cheap plywood with a 4x6 at the top and bottom (so that they can be trimmed to fit the opening). The middle is basically air.

02:45:15 AM May 19th 2011
I came to this article over Renamed Tropes, and that page states that all the X Does Not Work This Way articles are being renamed into Artistic License - X. Shouldn't that include this article as well?
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