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09:15:37 PM Feb 19th 2015
The first paragraph needs to be a lot clearer. Bullet Hell is a video game with lots and lots of enemies on the screen that are hard to dodge. Why not just say that first (or something similar) and then delve into obscure weeaboo terms and detailed descriptions in the second paragraph. The first paragraph right now would be awesome as a second paragraph.

04:49:29 PM Sep 8th 2012
09:25:46 PM Oct 17th 2012
Well, I got the Iji one, at least. No idea about the others.
02:10:13 PM Jan 15th 2011
"Surprisingly, the more bullets the game has onscreen at a time, the less likely the main character will be controlling the plane or have a male character piloting that."

I am confused by this sentence. Who is controlling the plane then? And how is the character less likely to be male?
08:00:58 AM Aug 15th 2011
It makes no sense to me either...

Of course, that's primarily because Touhou is one of my only bullet hell experiences (the other being Bullet Heaven.)
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