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11:30:58 AM Apr 2nd 2017
edited by BTD6_maker
Is this trope YMMV? There are a large number of examples that may or may not be a Brutal Bonus Level due to how difficult the player finds them. Some people might find one of these to be very easy, other people might find these to be very hard. This is generally opinion-based.

An example is the page image, Poochy Ain't Stupid from SMW 2. To me, this level is more of a Difficulty Spike than a Brutal Bonus Level. It is harder than World 1 but overall fairly easy to complete with 100 points. Kamek's Revenge is a much better example of a true Brutal Bonus Level.
10:04:51 AM Jan 8th 2011
Why was my image (V-Bonus from Boulder Dash) deleted anyway?
06:57:34 PM Jul 6th 2010
edited by Somfin
Isn't this just Bonus Level Of Hell?
11:17:40 PM Jul 6th 2010
It was, once, but Bonus Level Of Hell kept getting mixed up with actual Hell-themed levels, and it became a mess between levels set in hell, bonus levels set in hell, and insanely difficult bonus levels.

Should probably go through the links to Bonus Level Of Hell, fix them to point to whichever trope is the right one, and then redirect the term to here.
11:58:03 AM Nov 26th 2011
This should be changed back to Bonus Level of Hell no questions asked. Stupid mods...
11:18:58 AM Feb 2nd 2012
Mods had nothing to do with it. The users made the change. It's been a while, but I believe I was the one that brought up the topic in Trope Repair Shop.

And changing it back would result in all the same problems it had before. Stick with names that actually describe the trope.

If you want hell-themes, check out Planet Heck.
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