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03:08:39 PM Jun 27th 2012
This title monumentally failed.

Ridiculed by the mainstream and detested by genre enthusiasts, opinions and facts vary on the reasons why. However the common consensus is that Brooktown High tried too hard aiming for the mainstream, when dating simulators are a very niche market in Japan; never mind the United States. Horrendous The SIMS inspired 3D graphics, too much emphasis on mobile phone style mini-games, and the lack of character endearing storytelling are common complaints. Despite the claim Brooktown High was inspired by Tokimeki Memorial, there is little correlation between the two. Hardcore Tokimemo fans lamented why Konami did not simply release a translated Tokimemo: an off-the-record comment by a Backbone developer claimed that Sony Computer Entertainment policy not only would have never allowed that, it would have even denied an original 2D dating simulator.

Needless to say: Konami was incredibly disappointed with the sale results (less than 2,000 copies sold the first week), and any chance of a real Tokimeki Memorial or Love Plus being released in America officially died thereafter... a corporate anti-dating simulator sentiment that would be further reinforced by the disappointing performance of Sakura Taisen 5 on PS2 and Wii by NIS America. Konami has long since disavowed any connection to Brooktown High.
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