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04:33:24 PM Jan 12th 2014
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Would anyone object to using a portion of the lyrics of "Light your heart Up" from the Kill la Kill soundtrack below as this page's quote?

'"Keep your faith, raise your lively face
Just get rid of your broken wings—you're strong enough by now
I'll be your spark when you're lost in the dark
and let me
be your song, be your match to
Light Your Heart Up"

The song is about a same gender relationship, but I don't think that should matter, as it fits the tropes description regardless.
03:56:32 PM Mar 17th 2012
edited by demecowen
I want to add this trope to a webcomnic The Way To Your Heart but I feel that it does not played out that way. Here the basic story. Miyabi is brooding boy because he lost his mother and become an assholes and bully gentle girl, Yumi. Eventually Miyabi is sorry and Yumi want to be friends. Now Miyabi has feeling for, but Yumi made it clear that she ok with friends, but never lover and she was boyfriend now. Would be Averted of Defied Trope?

Another gentle girl by the name of Yayoi was in love with Miyabi and understand how he feel since she lost her mother as well. Now want to heal his broken heart. It seem that Miyabi accept her and were dating for a while, but two problems arises. One Miyabi always had feeling for Yumi even when dating Yayoi. Two, Yayoi see Yumi as the cause of Miyabi problems and attempted to remove her from him. This to Yayoi almost strangling to death Yumi and now being deported. Is this Subverted or Deconstruction?
05:22:47 PM Dec 26th 2011
Okay, maybe I care too much, but would anyone be seriously upset if I removed Terry and Dana from Batman Beyond on this page? Terry only tends to brood on certain dark episodes ("Rebirth", "Big Time", and "Babel"). Any other time, he's got a great sense of humor and genuinely enjoys being Batman. Furthermore, Dana is anything but gentle. She spends majority of the series giving him shit for being late for dates. I just think it's inaccurate, is all.
08:18:10 PM Feb 25th 2012
They really had this dynamic in the first season (look at "Rebirth", "Black Out" and "Golem"), and then Dana got derailed into The Obstructive Love Interest. The dynamic is restored in "Epilogue", where this trope pretty much epitomizes their interaction throughout the episode.
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