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08:31:09 AM May 31st 2016
  • This trope is the main difference between Fruits Basket's adaptations. In the original manga, Tohru is eventually revealed to have severely low self-esteem and an unhealthy inability to move on from her mother's death. In the anime, she's a straight up Purity Sue who never goes through Character Development and has barely any influence on the main plot. In both versions, she obsessively sidelines her own needs and problems- ostensibly because she wants to take care of her friends, but really because she can't face her trauma. (In the manga's finale, she confronts Akito, and forgives her, realizing that Akito's cruelty is as false as Tohru's happiness.)

It's best to put the Furuba one here since it seems to be more about bashing Anime!Tohru than pointing out how Tohru fits.
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