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04:00:11 PM Jun 28th 2014
Commented out this the following regarding Prifysgol Owain Glyndŵr (Glyndŵr University):

One of its constituent colleges in Wrexham was called Yale College - all very well for a tech, but despite having had the name since long before the upstart degree mill in the USA (founded by the same Mr Yale, who emigrated) they did not think to copyright it. The American Yale College did, however, and sued Wrexham University's arse off in a pre-emptive strike. The Welsh form Coleg Ial is acceptible, apparently.

There're several problems in this:
  • Based on official documents, the name Yale College, Wrexham is allowed to stay as long as disambig'd by "Wrexham." At least until it was merged into Coleg Cambria in 2013.
  • Yale College Wrexham is not a part of Glyndŵr, or NEWI; it looks more like a tech ("further education institute") in the same city (Wrexham). Actually NEWI shed its further education programs to Yale Wrexham in mid-1990s.

See more here.
06:52:19 PM Apr 17th 2012
edited by justbugsme
Strathclyde isn't an ex-poly, it was founded in 1964.

I think this page should be re-organised into something like:


Other top universities (e.g. Imperial, LSE, UCL, Durham, Warwick, St Andrews)

Russell group (that aren't listed above)

1994 group ('')

Other universities

Former polytechnics

Clown colleges

The current order doesn't make much sense. This order wouldn't be entirely representative of reputation, but at least be in a rough order.

In this order both Strathclyde and Salford would be listed under "other universiites".
03:51:24 PM Sep 22nd 2012
This article definitely still needs work; for a start having "Third place universities" and "other top univserities" would appear to be redundant unless the "third place" thing is intended to be something of a footnote to the Oxbridge section, but it's formatted as a subsection of the list.

Also, that list of four Scottish unis seems really out of place; these are the only Universities given an example listing under "third place unis" despite English universities mentioned in that paragraph having their examples listed lower down the page.

Basically the way this list is written is prtty confusing, I'd like to do something about it but I really don't know enough about how most of these universities compare to one another to try it myself.
09:01:32 AM Apr 13th 2012
Strathclyde should surely qualify, at least in the ex-polytechnic unis. It's the main contender in Glasgow against Glasgow uni, and it focuses on Engineering and Science. 'Glasgow for letters, Strathclyde for numbers' etc. It's got an excellent rep in the engineering community, and has a very strong business school as well. I also recall it has the biggest student union pool hall, but I feel that would weaken my argument if relied upon...
03:12:50 AM May 8th 2011
edited by alcockell
Degrees - if you've come up through the O-level>BTEC National Diploma>BTEC HND>upgrade to degree path - this is the more acceptable form of ordinary degree - as BTEC courses are much more modular and based on consistent workload than some degrees.

10:10:55 PM Oct 14th 2010
What about Art Colleges? Or is this covered elsewhere?
05:47:48 PM Aug 11th 2010
What is Killer?
06:06:03 PM Jun 28th 2010
Where would the university of Salford fit into the list? It's mostly known for its vocational degrees, but not in a bad way.
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