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08:22:12 AM Aug 25th 2015
Zero-Context Example:

  • Minions has a joke relating to them.

Can anyone expand on this?
11:43:21 AM Sep 7th 2011
It's always amusing to see tourists at the royal palace in Stockholm, Sweden - they tend to believe the guards there are subject to the British Royal Guards trope. Little do they know that they tend instead to wait until humorously appropriate, then lower their bayonets and launch themselves at the tourists. Always entertaining... :-)
03:08:59 AM May 21st 2011
"However, this becomes more and more of a Discredited Trope as time goes by and can now effectively be considered a Dead Horse Trope. In Real Life, British Royal Guards are not posted as a ceremonial tradition to amuse tourists but, in fact, actually guard Her Majesty, The Queen. "

Unless Her Majesty, the Queen is posted as a ceremonial tradition to amuse tourists?
05:40:38 PM Oct 21st 2011
Except that doesn't happen.
11:39:44 AM Dec 4th 2012
Also, its Truth in Television: they are unmoving, but when provoked are allowed to stamp their right foot on the ground however many times they deem appropriate. Their marching is not ceremonious, either, but to make sure there is always someone guarding HM - like at the memorial of the Unknown Soldier.
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