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09:45:47 PM Dec 10th 2011
edited by KyrieEleison
I have deleted the "Kate is not a princess" note, as it was incorrect.

Yes, Kate is not a princess by blood (like Anne, Beatrice, and Eugenie), but she is a princess by marriage (like Diana and Camilla). By marrying William, she took his entire name: HRH Princess William of Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, etc. Another case in point is HRH Princess Michael of Kent, who was born Baroness Marie-Christine von Reibnitz, but is now known by her husband's style and title. Calling her "Princess Catherine" is indeed incorrect, as she was not born into a royal house, but she is still a princess.
04:27:11 AM Jun 22nd 2011
edited by VelvetAndroid
Having just followed onto here after reading The House of Stuart, The House of Hanover and The House of Windsor pages, the thematic shift when you get to the latter is pretty jarring it's an unwieldy mix of article/wikilinks for the present Queen with a reverse-chronological series of mini-bios on her immediate ancestors. I'm thinking there's an argument for splitting that article in two, so the existing page could be reordered into a chronological list of the previous Windsor monarchs in the style of the Stuart, Hanover pages etc., and separating off Queen Elizabeth II, who surely has enough linkage for her own dedicated page. The reason I bring it up here is that it has a group of potted biographies of the other living royals, which seem ripe for merging into those already here on the British Royal Family page...?
09:03:55 PM Jan 11th 2011
I changed the description of Camilla to more accurately describe why she's not called Princess of Wales; hope nobody minds, but it was factually incorrect before.
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