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03:34:36 PM Nov 16th 2010
WHO PUT THE PYRATES ROYALE ON HERE!?!?!?! I must give them over nine thousand cookies.
11:16:12 PM Nov 16th 2010
Who added it has been lost in the mists of time. But it is a great song, isn't it?
09:04:27 AM Sep 2nd 2010
edited by Madrugada
Disputed entry:

  • A Gorillaz Bytes episode shows 2D attempting to jump his bike over a sleeping Russel and failing. Russel threatens him, and a speech balloon with a picture of faeces in it appears next to 2D's head.
    • Are you sure that wasn't just a Rebus Bubble of "Oh shit"?

Sort out whether it's a good example or not. If it's good, restore it without the natter. If it's a rebus bubble, it's a bad example.
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