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01:18:17 PM May 25th 2011
Doesn't look like gushing to me — it may even have been overcorrected — and she is an important actress. Keep.
01:46:05 PM May 25th 2011

What sort of trope list is appropriate for someone who is best known for having been a sex kitten, pre-animal lib?
10:49:24 PM May 25th 2011
Can I ask why this page has been deleted?
03:13:02 AM May 26th 2011
Because it was all about how hot she is.
08:09:39 AM May 26th 2011
Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe's pages, as well as every other Ms. Fanservice actress, are all about how hot they are. In any case, it made clear she is a French actress who was a sexpot during The Sixties and who is now a batty old lady who is I Was Quite a Looker, as in no longer attractive, and a known for politically incorrect comments. If anything, if it was too gushing, it could have been edited/corrected or commented upon by other tropers, not completely deleted. As the troper who went to the effort of creating and compiling this page, it seems a little unnecessary.
08:34:53 AM May 26th 2011
The first bit is kind of the point. As per this discussion, we're cutting down on actress (and actors too) pages that are written just to talk about hot they are.
08:40:40 AM May 26th 2011
edited by caroklim
OK, that makes a bit more sense. That being said, if actors' pages only going to have the blurb description, without any tropes they provide examples for listed, BB's blurb should have been salvaged as well, if that was what was needed, not just purged. But I've read the discussion you've linked, and it makes sense to cut down on the unnecessary PSL and physical description lists on their pages. I wasn't aware of that at the time I was creating Brigitte Bardot's page, obviously.
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