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10:53:06 PM Oct 14th 2010
Moving the discussion of Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion to discussion - the basic point seems to be he was villainous and had a short initial outing then took off after fan response, and the existing text covered that. Possibly he isn't enough of a bad guy to qualify as an example at all, but I can't properly judge that.

  • Kaworu Nagisa: Few characters have appeared for so short an amount of time (approx. 12 minutes on-screen of the 24-minute episode), yet left such an impression on any one series. Since Kaworu's appearance, and death, in episode 24 of Evangelion, the fan response to his character has been so abnormally outstanding that Kaworu has appeared as a main character in nearly every subsequent incarnation/retelling/sidestory/etc. of the series, including the Evangelion manga series, Angelic Days manga, games, and the upcoming Rebuild of Evangelion series.
    • He was always portrayed as an important and significant character however, he was just introduced late. And he's not exactly a "villain" either, in the truest sense; he's a creepy Manipulative Bastard but that's because he has no real concept of morality and whatnot, not because he's that way by choice. And his time with Shinji seems to change this, and he basically sacrifices himself in the end so that Shinji, and humanity in general, has a chance of survival.
      • Honestly, he didn't do much manipulating at all in the end. He himself was actually just being used by SEELE in a gambit that will either hasten Instrumentality on their terms, or screw over Gendo's Plans. Either way, SEELE wins...and Humanity, Gendo, and ironically Kaworu himself ends up losing.
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