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11:06:03 PM Jan 18th 2014
Someone should note that this trope is very definitely Truth in Television in that a number of notable novelists (e.g. the infamous Marquis de Sade, Anne "A. N. Roquelare" Rice, etc.) are very well-educated individuals who just have a taste for <ahem> "rough play".
01:14:51 PM May 24th 2014
I don't think there's a study that shows any meaningful correlation between high intelligence and liking BDSM (especially since both "high intelligence" and "BDSM" can be defined in many different ways).
08:46:03 AM Jun 22nd 2010
The new picture is still Just a Face and a Caption. It'll do for now, but let's keep an eye out for something a little more illustrative.
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