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01:14:32 PM Jul 6th 2015
I think this trope should be renamed to "Obsolete Reward". It makes it more clear what it is, and a Cosmetic Award could also fit the term "bragging rights reward".
05:12:31 PM Mar 17th 2016
It's not entirely obsolete, as you can still use it with a significant impact on gameplay (often through replaying missions/stages/bosses). It's just mostly obsolete because by the time you get it, you've gone through every challenge the game's thrown at you that's required to get the reward.
06:44:42 AM Feb 23rd 2015
I'm of the opinion the Banjo Kazooie example may be a subversion. After all, 'ol Grunty isn't exactly a pushover. I never actually gave myself an opportunity to unlock the double health upgrade, and I still find her extremely difficult to defeat to this day without it. So, it APPEARS that the reward is pretty useless but actually makes the final boss a lot less of a headache.
01:27:30 PM Feb 20th 2014
There. I finally added folders.
05:23:56 AM Oct 21st 2010
Hang on, what's going on in the new page image we got? the N64 version of Mario 64 only had 120 stars maximum so how did Mario get an extra 2 on that total?
04:48:42 PM Jul 8th 2010
Alot of these are cosmetic awards, judging from the definition...
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