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06:50:10 PM Jan 21st 2011
Are we seriously considering a moment where a woman has sex with her son and he climaxs inside her as heartwarming? Really? I think that's WAY to YMMV to ever be properly decided upon or accepted.

This is a scene involving pedophilla and incest, how is this heartwarming? I think that section should be removed, it is far too erroneous and debatable, not to mention kinda messed up. Heartwarming moments should be somethign geniunely heartwarming... not potentially squicky beyond all imagination. Fetish Fuel isn't an excuse, pedophilla isn't something that should just be overlooked because someone is turned on by it. The people who are turned on by it aren't exactly a heartwarming bunch.
08:04:38 PM Jan 22nd 2011
Pedophilia is the point of the entire series. In the context of the series, a "Crowning Moment of Heartwarming" has no chance of being non-pedophilic. Also, all Crowning Moments are very much someone's opinion, and are always YMMV.

05:39:08 AM Apr 5th 2011
Agreed. The first poster should heed this: "Don't like, Don't read."
07:34:49 AM May 5th 2011
The third poster should heed this: "No sane human being should think a boy climaxing inside his mother is heartwarming".
11:31:50 AM Jun 13th 2011
edited by Zelenal
That's true. However, the series does have several genuine heartwarming moments.
12:02:36 AM Jun 20th 2011
edited by Signed
People...Your Mileage May Vary...I put it back in.

It's heartwarming in the context of the series. How hard is it to understand THAT?
12:47:45 AM Aug 3rd 2011
What im seeing is that TV tropes thinks pedophilia and incest is heartwarming. COOL, BRO.
09:19:37 PM Oct 4th 2011
"Don't like, don't read." How are people supposed to determine whether they will like something or not if they don't read anything about the series? And I agree with the first and the third posters pedophilia and incest are too out there to be considered heartwarming.
08:16:21 PM Feb 21st 2013
edited by williamtsichke
Its YMMV for a reason.
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