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04:10:28 PM Nov 13th 2017
The S through Z section has gotten too big. Shall we divide it in half?
11:13:06 PM Nov 1st 2017
edited by jameygamer
Okay, does anyone think this entire topic is getting too negative for the wiki? I think maybe we should trim some of the entries down, if not outright cut all wording after the box office totals.

I'll wait to see what comes up.
04:09:53 PM Nov 13th 2017
I think not. It's important to know the details of why various movies flopped and what effects those flops had.
12:49:32 AM Nov 17th 2017
Maybe so, but I also think it could be made a bit more neutral than it is right now.
05:02:44 PM Dec 5th 2017
Okay, I'm thinking of trimming down some of the walls of text entries, and maybe taking this to the Trope Repair Shop. What say you?
09:26:51 PM Dec 13th 2017
Did purge a use of Flame Bait on one of the pages.
07:05:37 PM Jan 6th 2017
Minor detail to avoid a minor Edit War (I don't think this change is worth a fuss at all, but I'm asking anyway), which should we use. Someone put sucks, and someone else replaced it with blows.
10:23:00 PM Jun 12th 2016
Okay, should we consider TMNT: Out of the Shadows a flop?
01:44:43 PM Jun 16th 2016
You know what, I'm getting impatient, so I'm doing it.
02:13:47 PM Jun 16th 2016
edited by Larkmarn
I'd hold off. It's not doing well, I'll give you that. But bomb? Not likely. It's almost made its budget back in under two weeks.

So chances are it'll make money by month's end. So it wouldn't really count. Underperforming isn't the same as bombing.
11:50:49 PM May 29th 2016
So, you think The Hateful 8 should be added to this list?
01:08:21 AM May 30th 2016
Why? With a budget of 54 million and a box office of 155.7 million it didn't exactly lose money
12:46:46 AM May 31st 2016
It didn't fare too well in the United States.

I understand that for some reason, Tim Burton's Batman took a $36 million write-down thanks to Hollywood Accounting. Should I list that as a bomb?
03:20:57 PM Oct 3rd 2017
edited by crazyrabbits

Batman is in no way, shape or form a bomb. Creative accounting is irrelevant in this case, as the film made several hundreds of millions more than its production cost.
11:35:02 AM Oct 5th 2017
While we're on the subject of Batman, should Batman & Robin be listed here? Budget is $125 million, gross is $238.2 million ($107 million domestically). It didn't reach the break even point of double the budget.
09:12:30 PM Aug 23rd 2015
About the stuff jameygamer added to Kundun, I think the problems China had with the film wasn't about it being a Box Office Bomb but because it was about a Tibetian Lama
11:34:08 PM Jun 8th 2015
Anyone object to having Pacific Rim removed?
11:41:41 PM Jun 8th 2015
I would say go for it since it made enough to get a sequel, but I may be wrong
01:42:57 PM May 13th 2014
I've read the premise to Not Fade Away, and it sounds like an Alienating Cliché Storm.
06:11:33 PM Dec 26th 2013
edited by
Would Pacific Rim fall under this? According to the Internet Movie Database, it cost $190 million to produce (not including marketing) and has so far made back $101 million internationally. I notice it's in Acclaimed Flop though.
07:17:45 PM Oct 16th 2013
Could someone please define what the article means by "other countries don't exist"?
04:19:02 AM Apr 18th 2013
Should we really list anything which didn't do well domestically as a bomb? I've seen a couple of movies in this list whose status as a bomb is...rather questionable, to say the least.
04:41:24 PM Jul 5th 2013
Not only that, but U.S./Canada is only "domestic" to the United States! I'd dearly love to see more movies from off the continent myself, including material that was unsuccessful in its own homeland.
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