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09:55:50 AM Nov 26th 2013
Seriously, it's almost 2014, and there's still no image on this page. And there's a few other pages with images of characters who are bound and gagged. Are we ever going to settle on an image?

Personally, I'd rather an image from the manga... or the judge from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. But that's not the point. The point is that the trope, which is about something that happens a lot in media, should get it's own image. And hopefully before 2020.
10:48:39 AM Nov 26th 2013
You'll need to talk to Fast Eddie about it; he has said that there will be no image.
10:52:49 AM Nov 26th 2013
I was unaware that there was a time limit on this sort of thing.
12:51:59 AM Nov 27th 2013
Well, if an admin/moderator/whatever said there will be no image, the we should stick with it. But while we are here, we should instead add an image of someone who's bound and gagged to the sub-pages (eg: Anime and Manga) to address the problems of everyone trying to add an image at the same time. That's what we did with other pages.
01:37:36 AM Nov 27th 2013
Ahem, if an admin said there will be no image, then we shouldn't try to work around it by sneaking them onto subpages. This page is not imageless because of the medium subpage thing.
02:44:49 AM Nov 27th 2013
Guess there is only one thing left to do before it's official: ask Fast Eddie again. If he says no, then this case is closed forever.
01:21:38 PM Apr 26th 2010
Why is this on the cutlist?
01:27:22 PM Apr 26th 2010
Hylarn started complaining about a certain subtrope which (s)he still thinks is seperate from this one.
01:30:54 PM Apr 26th 2010
So, what, it was put on the cutlist cuz he's pissed the other one got cut? Lame.
01:37:07 PM Apr 26th 2010
What? I'm as confused as to why this one is here as the rest of you. I've put Tied And Gagged Tomboy on the cutlist twice on the basis that there's no meaningful  * difference to this trope.
01:51:32 PM Apr 26th 2010
How dare you mock me. There is a reason someone wanted different versions of this trope, so that they can find only what they want and not have to see what they don't! If you don't like it, go suck an egg!
02:02:32 PM Apr 26th 2010
Poe's Law. Please let it be Poe's Law.
11:51:54 PM Apr 26th 2010
Look, If you want a subtrope of this, you're going to have to come up with some substantial way that it's different when it's a tomboy as opposed to some other character type. And it needs to be something that is specific to tomboys, only. So far, none of your attempts at making "Bound and Gagged Tomboy" have had that. Cutlisting a different trope because one you made is not sufficiently different isn't the way to get anything done.
02:38:50 PM Apr 27th 2010
Seriously, why does the image keep rotating?
09:00:57 AM Apr 28th 2010
edited by MrDeath
How dare you mock me. There is a reason someone wanted different versions of this trope, so that they can find only what they want and not have to see what they don't! If you don't like it, go suck an egg!

Wait. So you're saying you want there to be Tied And Gagged Tomboy just so there's a convenient place for you to find sources for your specific fetish?

That's really not what TV Tropes is for, dude.

Edit: Okay, it was someone else who made the Tied And Gagged Tomboy page from looking at its edit history.

Speaking of, good lord, the whole description of the "trope" is practically screaming, "Degrading and humiliating strong women is the sort of thing that gets me off." I mean, seriously, here's an exerpt:

Sometimes men don't favor a girl for being almost butch, Sometimes men would like a girl better with a gag on, It is possible the local ladette wouldn't be loved unless she had her hands tied behind her back, and her mouth sealed with duct tape.

Can that mean anything other than, "women who aren't girly need to be tied up and taken down a peg"?
03:08:25 PM Mar 29th 2010
edited by
We need to do something about this revolving door of images. Does anyone have a suggestion for an image we can actually agree on?

EDIT: Never mind, the new Image Links page seems to be fine.
01:24:41 PM Apr 26th 2010
What dose Hylarn have against Tied And Gagged Tomboy? They tried to remake it as a subtrope to this trope, but Hylarn removes it again! Can't that handle just chill for once?
09:57:17 PM Apr 29th 2010
Well, honestly, your subtrope does seem pretty pointless.
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