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02:03:56 AM Aug 10th 2012
Can someone establish clearer differences between Nobody Poops and Bottomless Bladers? Still confused.
02:26:05 AM Aug 10th 2012
edited by David7204
Nobody poops is basically the idea that going to the bathroom isn't usually important, so it's rarely included in a story.

Bottomless Bladder is about video games exclusively, and how they usually don't show any of the things humans need to survive and not be a complete mess - not just peeing, but eating, sleeping, drinking, showering, changing clothes, and such. It really has has more to do with practicality than it does writing. It's rooted in the uniqueness of video games as a medium.

For example, in any other medium, you can skip over things like going to the bathroom and eating and the audience can assume that characters are doing those things behind the scenes. But you can't do that in games such as Half-Life or anything by Bethesda. Everything the protagonist sees, the player sees.

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